Sea Cucumber (海参) is reputed as ginseng of the sea. It contains large amount of saponin, a key ingredient of ginseng. For centuries, Sea cucumber is known to one of 山珍海味 in Chinese delicacies. It is often eaten on special occasions and elaborate Chinese banquets. Sea cucumber, together with ginseng, abalone, bird nests are the pinnacle of ingredients used in Chinese cuisine. Apart from its unique taste and texture, sea cucumbers are known for disease preventive and longevity tonic food.

Sea cucumber is difficult to distinguish male and female by appearance. It has a good appetite and is active in water at below 17 degrees Celsius and sleeps at more than 25 degrees Celsius. When eating, sea cucumbers put sandy muds into the mouth and eats small microbes in the sands.

The preparation of sea cucumber for cooking is time consuming and detailed. Sea cucumbers are traditionally harvested by hand. They are dried for preservation, and must be rehydrated by boiling and soaking in water for several days.