Hasutomi in keeping our values to source for the best and natural health food to our customers, our spiky wild sea cucumbers from Korea is known to be one of the best quality. This species of sea cucumbers is at the pinnacle in terms of nutritional values and are well sought after for its anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.

Good quality spiky natural sea cucumbers are mainly found in oceans near Japan and Korea. Japan Hokkaido’s sea cucumbers with 6-line spikes is reputed to be of best quality and most expensive but demand has dampened in recent years due to radioactive concerns after nuclear power plant mishap.

Our sea cucumbers are wild sea cucumbers, grown naturally in harsh natural environment without human intervention in the purest form. The sea cucumbers are caught in the clean ocean of Korea, mainly in the West and East seas. The West sea is between 2 to 5m deep and the sea cucumbers are caught by fisherman by hand. The East sea is 3 to 40m deep ocean and are caught by diver.

The technology used to process the sea cucumbers is patented in Korea, which ensures the sea cucumbers are dried using minimum amount of salt. This is unlike many sea cucumbers in the market whereby large amount of salts are used to dry them and making them bigger in size. In some countries, sugar are used in the drying process to make them look more appealing, although it is harmful to health.

Our sea cucumbers are dried sea cucumbers and can be easily eaten by soaking it in boiling water for 12-24 hours in thermal/vacuum flask. They can be eaten without any further cooking and hence it can be conveniently eaten every day for ultimate health maintenance.

For customers who prefer the sea cucumbers to expand fully, it is recommended to use fresh boiling water , a good thermal flask ( maintain >74degrees for more than 6 hours) and to soak the sea cucumbers for 24 hours. Otherwise, change the water every 6 to 12 hours to maintain the high temperature for soaking.